The Pampered Pullets Farm
  Spring 2015

Curled Toes

Once in a while, when a chick hatches, it will have curled toes on one foot or both. This is usually a very easy deformity too correct is caught early enough. It is very difficult to cure curled toes if it is not done right away. A newborn chicks bones are still really soft just after hatching but harden within the first 48 hours.

There are many different remedies to this and all are pretty close in style but we use band aids the most often with great results.

For best results, this needs to be done within the first 24 hours. After the chick has dried and is all fluffy, get yourself a couple of larger band aids. Depending on how big the chick is will determine how big of band aid you will need. We generally use the ones that are 1 inch wide. Cut the pad part out of the band aid so you are left with the two sticky ends. Holding the chick in one hand, place its foot onto one of the sticky band aid ends. Straighten out its toes so the are stuck in the right position. Now take the other band aid sticky end and place over the top of the foot and press the two together especially in-between the toes. Take a small pair of scissors and trim off any extra tape. Your chick will now have duck feet. Place it back into the brooder. It will have trouble walking at first but they soon figure it out and will be up running around with all the others. Leave this on for 24 hours. After 24 hours, gently remove the tape and see how the toes look. If they are still curled at all repeat the procedure for another 24 hours. Usually their toes will be cured with the first application.

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